What is Spectrum Storage?

IBM’s Spectrum Software Defined Storage system is a unique to the industry integrated storage system. It is wholly available in software with no requirement to purchase the vendor’s hardware and is broad enough to cover almost all Production storage needs. Furthermore, the software is available individually or as “Spectrum Suite” a simple license whereby the end users only pay for each TB used once.

The products which comprise Spectrum Storage are:

Spectrum Archive

LTFS based long term tape archive system. Archive can also act as a tier for Scale.

Spectrum Accelerate

Software Defined block storage, allowing hyperconverged systems to operate on the software of an XIV array

Spectrum Control

Control, Monitoring and Provisioning of storage assets, including 3rd party

Spectrum Protect

Market leading, highly efficient data protection software for heterogeneous environments. Protect offering backup, archive and HSM on physical and virtual environments.

Spectrum Scale

A scale-out storage system which can sit on IBM’s Elastic Storage Server, or the customers own hardware. Both storage and bandwidth scale out to market leading levels. Many common file and object connectors are available.

Spectrum Virtuialize

In software or on an IBM San Volume Controller, Virtuliaze allows for IBM and 3rd party storage to be virtualised and treated as a single entity with advanced features provided by the software, rather than relying upon array functionality. Seamlessly move workloads between tiers present on different physical devices, migrate data without the involvement of end uses.