It’s late February and that can only mean…

It’s the first of 2019’s three Spectrum Protect and Protect Plus releases!

We’ve got some new features, some improvements and it’s pretty much all detailed here:

From a personal point of view I’d like to singe out one or two features for each product that I find interesting:

Spectrum Protect now brings you retention sets, in my mind one of the most important ease of use developments for Protect since the Operations Centre. You can now implement multiple retentions from a single client instance, no more having to run multiple clients on a single server to implement different retentions. So for example, daily, weekly, monthly and annual backups can be retained for different amounts of time. This may sound like a really easy feature to implement, but rather paradoxically, due to the efficient method by which Protect stores its data, it turned out to be a large challenge for development.

Spectrum Protect Plus can now backup Exchange and MongoDB (including re-use). In addition it can also offload to object storage (S3 and Azure Blob). The IBM COS implementation of S3 offload supports IBM COS WORM, so you have immutable backups. In addition, unlike many competitor products, the images in object storage can be used for direct restore or re-use without having to stage back to on-prem storage.