New Stuff!

Here is the announcement for Spectrum Protect 8.1.7 and Spectrum Protect Plus 10.1.3. To go GA on 22nd/Feb.

A few bits that strike me personally are:

Spectrum Protect Plus gains:

  • Exchange Support! Yay!
  • Protect Plus Server HA support
  • Much improved long term/DR offload to Spectrum Protect and S3 directly, including IBM COS retention lock for immutability. Now supporting all workloads from all sources (Hyper-v, VMware and Windows, Linux, UNIX Applications)
  • Mongo DB support for virtual and physical servers including data re-use.

Spectrum Protect gains:

  • Retention sets!!! The long time Achiles Heel of progressive incremental has been the inability to store individual long retention backups from a single agent/client, requiring two or more instances of an agent. No Longer! Individual backups can now be retained longer to allow for different retentions for weekly, monthly, yearly, backups.

Here’s a you tube from Tricia Jiang regarding the release: