Yet more new stuff!

Ok, so you think you know the Spectrum Storage portfolio? Guess Again! I’d like to introduce the newest member of the portfolio “Spectrum Discover“.

IBM Spectrum Discover

So, what is Spectrum Discover?

Simply put, it’s a metadata analysis system, for analysing Spectrum Scale and IBM Cloud Object Storage datastores, it comfortably operates at Exabyte scale. So, you’ve not got an Exabyte? well, it’s still good for you, it operates from the smallest to the largest datastore equally well.

What does it do?
Key features of Spectrum Discover are:
  • Event-notifications and policy-based workflows to automate metadata ingestion and metadata indexing at exabyte-scale
  • Fine-grained views of storage consumption based on a wide range of system and custom metadata.
  • Fast, efficient search through exabytes of data, resulting in highly relevant results for large-scale analytics.
  • Ability to quickly differentiate mission-critical business data from data that can either be deleted or moved to a cheaper, colder tier.
  • Policy-based custom tagging that enables organizations to classify and categorize data and align this data with the needs of the business.
  • A Software Developers Kit (SDK) to build Action Agents that extract metadata from file headers and content, automate data movement and provide integration to open source software, such as Apache Spark, Apache Tika, PyTorch, Caffe and TensorFlow, which facilitates data identification and speeds large-scale data processing.

Pretty Cool huh?!

Find out more over at the IBM Spectrum Discover web site.