Hold on to your hats, there’s news a-coming…

Ok, we’ve got a whole load of Spectrum and IBM storage related announcements.

Here’s a blog from Eric Herzog over at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ibm-storage-delivers-new-solutions-your-multi-cloud-eric-herzog/

However The Register did a nice job in bullet pointing everything we’ve just announced, take a deep breath and plough on through:

  • Spectrum Protect’s automated tiering has been extended to a object storage tier,
  • Spectrum Protect Plus (SPP) will have vSnap repository encryption,
  • SPP has expanded item-level support in application environments including newly-added IBM Db2, with existing SQL server and Oracle databases,
  • Cloud Object Storage (COS) can now be a backup/archive target for mainframe z/OS,
  • COS can be target for DS8800 arrays with in-flight encryption,
  • hardware vendors can self-certify their COS support, sending verification test results to IBM for validation, meaning a faster certification process,
  • COS v3.14 will support Lenovo SR630 and SR650 servers,
  • Spectrum Scale (parallel filer software) v5.0.2 now has AWS support with bring-your-own licence functionality and AWS QuickStart for rapid deployment,
  • Spectrum Scale has added file audit logging, a watch folder, an improved user interface and greater network resilience,
  • IBM’s Elastic Storage Server (ESS) has preconfigured systems and implementation services to support NAS protocols,
  • IBM Cloud Private has added Spectrum Access Blueprint support for IBM Z,
  • there are new multi-cloud IBM storage options for for SAP and EPIC Electronic Health Records, and (whew)
  • the FlashSystem 9100 array now offers VDI.

Phew. And that’s not to mention the converging of a Z Server with Flash storage in a single 19″ rack, the new DS8882F and an upgrade path for older DS arrays.