Are PBBAs on a slow coast to the finish line?

So, the Purpose Built Backup Appliance (PBBA) market declined 4% YoY in 2016, according to IDC. As with many areas of storage hardware, the PBBA marketplace seems to be commoditising, with the USP of products almost wholly reliant on software rather than any particularly smart hardware innovations.

Long gone are the days when a storage appliance needed a super-tuned BSD or Linux OS running on specialist hardware, these days it’s all about a generic OS distribution and some bog-standard Intel based serving and a fancy bezel featuring a shiny company logo. It’s probably illuminated by blue LEDs as well.

All the smarts have migrated up into the software.

Here is the question: Have you migrated your smarts into the software defined era, or are you still stuck with siloed storage arrays? Still stuck with hardware and software glued to each other from a single fixed supplier? Stuck with a hardware supplier who dictates what you will buy for the software features you would like?

IBM can offer a full and integrated portfolio of software defined storage: Age-out your legacy backup storage, replace it with a standard disk array with the work done by Spectrum Protect. Virtualise your commodity storage and existing enterprise array infrastructure with Spectrum Virtualise. Build out new block storage on Spectrum Accelerate arrays which reach from on-prem into the cloud. Your NAS can be replaced by near limitless single-namespace, scale-out storage in Spectrum Scale. And you can use globally instantly available object storage with IBM Cloud Object Storage. All this and more, much more…

All these products offer all the features of legacy hardware based systems and more, but delivered in software – if you don’t need super-expensive storage, don’t buy it, you still get the features you need. If you get fed up with a hardware supplier you can move to a new one with a few clicks of a mouse. You don’t license hardware, but capacity and it’s all available in a single per TB license, should you wish.

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