Spectrum Protect 8.1 Has Landed!

Today, 9th December, IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1 has been released as GA.

The product has been fully re-branded from Tivoli Storage Manager to “IBM Spectrum Protect” and features many enhancements, including:

  • VTL, File and Tape Storage pools can be automatically migrated into the new cloud or directory container pools, benefiting from inline dedupe, LZ4 compression and server side encryption. Excellent news for migrating off those pesky VTLs to cheaper more functional container pools.
  • Enhancements to directory container protection – Make an air-gapped tape copy of your disk storage pools, great for even better protection against ransomware.
  • Enhancements to client and user LDAP (including AD) authentication.
  • Client support for Windows 2016 (including HSM)

Many VMware enhancements:

  • Significant VMware Vsphere web client integration enhancements allow the VMware administrator much greater control without having to leave their familiar UI.
  • Clients can be monitored for their protection status (risk status), backup history, etc.
  • Restores through vSphere web client are more fully featured.
  • VMware Tagging has been significantly enhanced to provide control functions through the vSphere web client – Tags now configure Inheritance, Scheduling and Application Protection. This allows the VMware administrator much greater control over the backup of their VMs with a much higher degree of automation.
  • Automatic balancing VMware data mover load.
  • “Monster VM backup” (VMDKs up to 8TB) have increased maximum parallelism for backup and restore – with more enhancements to be delivered in future releases.

Spectrum Protect Snapshot enhancements:

  • Windows VSS Snapshots can now be mounted RO, RW persistent and RW non-persistent (using SVC based arrays). This allows devops/analytics type operations on backed up SQL Server databases and Exchange item level restore without restoring a full database first.
  • UNIX Snapshots of DB2 can now perform parallel processing in non-SAP environments, can clone to non-default DB2 storage groups and can clone to targets with fewer system resources.
  • Snapshot for Oracle disk support has been enhanced to allow single partition, multiple partition or a combination.
  • SVC Snapshots now support automatic allocation of remote mirrors.

SAP Hana now supports multi-tenant databases and parallel-stream restores.

A technical overview presentation can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu5S5oKzeIY&feature=youtu.be

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